Jan. 10th, 2012

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I'm beginning to seriously love ballpoint pens as an art tool.

I need to invest in a better white pen soon; my white gel pen was barely noticable over the pen and marker, and the paint pen a). kept liquifying the gel pen and turning the highlights in her hair pink, and b). has too wide of a point on it; the highlights are too thick and look weird.

And apparently, I am forever fated to draw female characters with huge gigantic tits.

Though other than the normal “I suck at anatomy and her head is forever too huge (and that her boobs could never possibly fit into her bodice without spilling out and becoming a free peepshow),” this has to be one of my favourites in quite a while.

Tools for this drawing: fineliner, ballpoint pen, gel pen, Prismacolor markers, the occasional Sharpie, and white paint pen.

And I must remind myself that if I ever want to draw on the inside cover of a sketchbook again, that I need to buy one with a hard cover, because this was a bitch to draw on.

Name: Goes by “Joy.” She has forgotten her real name over the centuries.

Age: A lady never tells! (though she will admit it is somewhere between 28 and 743)

Orientation: Straight.

Likes: Witchcraft, spirits, the undead and expensive quality wine.

Dislikes: The Spanish Inquisition, smelly dogs and getting her shoes wet.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Long, silky red hair.

Bio: Joy is a teacher in the mystical ways to both Penny and Andromeda, and though she is adept in all forms of magic, she specializes in Necromancy. She is the reanimator of both Penny and Evan. Joy is somewhat of a fashionista, and through the centuries has kept up with current fashion, though since the early 1980's has exclusively followed Goth fashion and its incarnations. She currently enjoys crushed velvet dresses and tightly cinched corsets.

Theme song: None yet.


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